Ladies, it’s over to you

Leap Year Proposal

Valentine’s is but a distant memory, but romance still hangs in the air. Leap day brings with it hope for all you women out there whose patience wears thin.

As one of Exeter’s most popular wedding venues, Reed Hall is of course no stranger to romantic tradition. February 29th fills us with anticipation as we encourage all you ladies out there to let romance prevail and follow your hearts.

Ladies, It’s Over To You

Introduced by Julius Caesar over 2000 years ago, leap day is steeped in superstition and bizarre traditions, not least the idea that this is the one day where women are permitted to take the reins and propose to their significant other.

The idea that on February 29th a woman can propose marriage is an age old tradition that comes from Ireland. Folk lore has it that St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women had to wait too long for men to propose. As such, he created one day every four years where women could take the decision of marriage into their own hands. Whether this is true or not, it makes for an amusing tale.

In many European Countries, tradition has it that if a man refuses a woman’s proposal on 29th February, he must buy her 12 pairs of gloves – a different pair for each month of the year. The intention being for her to hide the shame of not having an engagement ring. This crazy notion was in fact  law during the middle ages.

The Times They Are A Changing

As a popular wedding venue in Exeter, we know that times have changed. In this fast moving day and age can we realistically expect women to wait four long years to fulfil their dreams of matrimony? Evidence would suggest not.

Nonetheless, ladies if you ARE feeling brave, then make haste. You have just 24 hours to take the bull by the horns.

A Wedding Venue For You

You’ve made the hardest decision by grabbing your groom, the next bit is easy. Choose Reed Hall, a stunning Wedding Venue in the heart of Exeter and we’ll make life even easier for you. Nestled in beautiful botanical gardens, this majestic old mansion, steeped in history itself, lends itself perfectly to the glory and splendour of your special day.

And of course our team of dedicated staff will work closely with you to ensure your dream becomes reality.

Time is of the essence, so don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about weddings at Reed Hall.

Good luck ladies, we’re rooting for you.