3 ways that Team Building can bring life into your business

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

The average office environment today doesn’t allow much time for niceties. A steady influx of emails, telephones ringing themselves into madness and oh, is that another meeting request?

Individuals sit in silos and take it for granted that they work towards the same goal. Quite often they don’t even pass the time of day.

There is no ‘I’ in team right?

Maybe it’s time to transport said team to another land far away. Let’s use Reed Hall as the perfect example. A historic meeting venue in the heart of Exeter. Step through the doors and you’re already met with calm and tranquility, not to mention the expanse of botanical beauty that surrounds the house itself. Space to think, space to talk and space to unite.

Consider the benefits:

Everyone’s a winner

Investing in your people will surely boost morale. Remove a team of people from the distractions of the chaotic office to an alternative environment and you are doing exactly this. Positivity oozes, which in turn gives individuals a sense of value and worth.

The nature of the activity is almost insignificant. Be it bridge building or mini Olympics, what is important is that staff are rediscovering the positive effects of team collaboration. And what better way to boost confidence than through the feeling of team success?

Thinking out of the box

Mix it up a bit. Encourage individuals to work in teams alongside different people. Give them a non-work related task to achieve and watch the inspiration and creativity flow.

Take the classic egg drop activity for example. Teams must create suitable protection for an egg being dropped from a substantial height. Aside from promoting team work and communication skills, the activity aims to stimulate creative thinking and novel ‘out of the box’ approaches towards solving a problem.

Back in the real world

So, you’ve got a smiley happy team of people, a shiny egg (still intact) what’s the next step? Your team are reunited, they’ve realised that working together to achieve the same thing can be fun. It’s time to take this enthusiasm and positivity back to the workplace.

Back in the office, take some time to reflect and evaluate. Reintroduce the business objectives, outline the important role that each individual plays in achieving these. Discuss ways in which working processes could be improved.


Sounds good doesn’t it? And it all makes complete sense.

At Reed Hall, not only do we offer a perfect meeting venue close to Exeter City Centre, but we can help with a range of team building activities.

Whether its mini Olympics, tai-chi or simply traditional problem solving activities, your team will appreciate the investment and your business will reap the rewards.

Take a look at the Reed Hall website and find out why it’s the idyllic destination for your next away day.